Workshop on nurturing creativity and innovations among school children

Objective– To develop in build system in school for developing creative ideas by the student whole of the year.
Venue– DAV Public School, Hehal, Ranchi.
Resource Person- Dr. Vivek Kumar, NIF and Rajeev Ranjan Pandey, SUT.
Date & Time– 4-8-17, 11:00 AM to 03:30 PM

Session I (With 500+ student and 10 teachers)– During first session students were trained about creative children of Jharkhand and other part of country. The video presentation of Hina and Garima idea of “Fan Pen” documented by teenovation team of this school were presented followed by Sajid’s Rice shorting device, Shalini modified walker. The purpose of this session on brain storming of school children for the need of creative idea for the nation development has been achieved during small ideas discussion that how they may can bring change in society and add value in value chain.

Dr. Vivek Kumar gave an overview that the process of thinking for new things should not be stopped after 31st august 2017 when the last date of submitting an idea in igniting will be achieved. You all have to keep your enthusiasm regular and keep thinking and continue sending your ideas for the coming years also. It is impossible for us to meet you all every year. But you all may keep yourself vigilant on a given website for further updates. Every year ignite competition being organized by us and you all have the potentials to take place of awardees.

Session II– This session was especially fixed for the 80 teachers from 6 school of Ranchi in a separate hall for nurturing creative ide as of the students. A brief presentation about NIF, who we are, what we does, why this movement working with Honey Bee Philosophy has been working has been clarified followed by Honey Bee Philosophy success story and participation of different Boards and education councils in different states in this movement. In depth presentation on Do’s and Don’ts by teachers has been given and selected ideas from our data base has been given.

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