Who We Are

We are professional team working on development cause serving the last at first for upliftment of society to achieve the development goals.

 The functionary of Social Upliftment Trust devoting his life to provide awareness and voices to people living below poverty; the member of the organization are motivated by Gandhian thought of Social Justice and equity for last person in society living in corner where anyone doesn’t caring about them. Their rights and roles are severally crushed in society. The team member of the organization together to provide equal opportunity for deprived person who can’t get livelihood facility due to illiteracy, violence, exploitation and rigidity of rich people to not facilitate them for their own interest. These people came together in Year 2 K for supporting weaker section by their own vision and resources. These people perplexed to see the nationwide draught problem under which Gujrat and Rajasthan were highly affected. The situation of Bihar and Jharkhand were pitiable, a large number of lives and cattle were lost, migration was at the peak in these states, and where there is no facility of income generation and employment were available. The Secretary of the organization left his job from Bihar Education Project to meet his commitment to the weaker people in June 2002. The other members of the organization are devotee for awareness generation to weaker section.

        The members of advisory committee are prominent leaders of voluntary organization, heads of department and executive director of their institution. We feel pleasure to take guidance from them along with tehnical and economic support. Their approaches towards rural development have been playing a significant role in organization for getting in touch with the Mission and Vision. We can’t translate our vision and mission without their guidance and support in any stage. We are bounded on mutual understanding with advisory committee in translating the ideas to reduce poverty, increase health and sanitation provisions and primary education, awareness generation on resource mobilization for weaker people.

Need of Organization:

During work with likeminded organizations and institutions, we realize that our own commitment with community, after withdrawal strategy of agency that was funding the programme is not meeting at grass root level. To get proper output villagers require regular backing in terms of guidance and action support system. Although the agency which withdraw their staff from that field, satisfaction in work will not be available at their. To get maximum satisfaction on work we would have legal identity to implement work and wordings. Before getting registration decided following in Brain storming session: –

analyzed the meaning of the organization.
☼ Indicate its main feature and objective.
☼ discussed its strategies.
☼ discussed tactics and ideas.
☼ described role and performance.
☼ discussed capacity and resources.

Background of the SUT

The voluntary organization has become a part of the process of development in society. Because there is hardly a time when people have not organized themselves to protest against injustice, to seek redress of grievances or alteration in unjust social, economic, and political structures. Our struggle that ensued did not always achieve our goals but they do represent an important expression of deprived people attempt to secure a more human society. Voluntary work practices gave organization academic status by recognizing methods of social work including the curriculum of everyday endeavors. Innocence, deprivation, neglect, and exploitation of the socially and economically backward masses of the Jharkhand and Bihar’s society have become the order of the day. The strength of the women, youth, to fight against these social evils, however, has been the chief source of inspiration in the inception of our organization in a legal shape. The social evils, which had started eating the Indian social structure, led to the establishment and of a grass root level organization like Social Upliftment Trust.